The Living Puppet

by Mia Victoria M.C

Jasmine woke up in his hospital bed. She was there because he needed a blood transfusion. Next to her was the small wooden puppet that her parents gave her that morning to cheer her up.

Jasmine grew fond of it and started talking to it, telling it how she wished she could get better and leave the hospital. What Jasmine didn't know was that the puppet was really listening to her and had a wish of its own.

Nightfall came and Jasmine fell asleep. Suddenly, the puppet started to move and crept to the side of the bed. Jasmine stirred and thought she saw something. She heard a voice saying, "I want your blood. I need your blood."

Then she woke up. As soon as her eyes opened, the puppet fell to the ground as if it hadn't even moved. Confused and sleepy, Jasmine picked up the puppet and went back to sleep.

The next morning Jasmine felt weak when she awoke. She turned to the side of the bed expecting to see her puppet, but it wasn't there. Then she noticed that the transfusion tube was cut in two. She picked up her tube, looked at it carefully and found tiny teeth marks on her arms and neck.

Suddenly, out of the bathroom came the puppet with blood dripping from its lips. The puppet laughed as it turned, slowly waved and ran out the door.

Jasmine tried to get up, but she was too weak and fell asleep. She woke up feeling strange. The girl looked around and saw something wooden poking out of the sheets. Jasmine thought it was the puppet and tried to get away, but she was too scared to move. She stuck her hand out from under the covers and when she looked, she saw her hand had turned to wood.

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