The Little Girl

by sam

In my entire life I have never really believed in ghost or anything like it nor encountered one until that one fateful night...

It was raining hard that night & I was all wet & bitterly cold. I was on a shed just behind the old cemetery where children where supposedly buried just some old story to scare little kids.

While waiting for the rain to stop i heard a faint cry it seems a little girl, & when i tried to find it indeed it is a little girl the rain is drowning her sobs.

I approached the little girl even though I knew I would get wet again but I didnt mind it, I tried to call her but she woudnt simply look at me I didnt know whether she does not hear me or ignoring me then I finally reached for her hand & asked her "why are you crying? Are you lost" then she finally look at me with her deep & longing eyes she seemed lost. As she about to spoke lighting illuminated the dark & pouring sky reminding me of the coldness & numbness. The she says that she cant find her way & she's lost & she wants to go home, & she points to the direction of the old cemetery. I asked her if she is sure thats where she lives & she nods pointing at it again. I was not sure though for I know that cemetery has been long time abandoned, maybe some people squattered in it. So I took her hand & went to the cemetary.

As we approached the old & creaky gate I suddenly feel a rush of cold air that I coudnt explain where it is coming from, still we continue our wandering & reach an empty mauseleum that seems to be somehow standing as we went in it I saw an unearthened casket, opened & torn another chill went down my spine, then it dawned on me that the girl must be the one inside the casket & as i turned my head i was already holding a lifeless skeleton all my hair stands behind my back & no matter how much I tried to removed the bony hand on mine it simply dont dettached. And all along this commotion Im still hearing her cry which gives me all the creep, as I finally freed myself i run as fast as my two legs can carry me & never again approached any crying little girl...

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