The lighthouse keeper

by Tyler Newton
(Rogersville, Alabama)

The lighthouse

The lighthouse

Old legend has it that a lighthouse in Florida, USA has a keeper spirit that roams it with a knife and bucket. I didn't believe it, until the night I went in it.

It was a dark night, a full moon was out. My friends and I went in it. We had thermal cameras. We started up the stairs and we heard something on the floor above us. We looked in our thermal cameras and there was a figure of a body looking down out us. We tried tracking it down.

We ran up to the next floor. We saw him without looking through the thermal camera. He did have a knife but not a bucket. We chased him... he was running and he just disappeared. We search out where he disappeared and it was a dead end with padlocks on doors. So we turned back around about to leave when we heard a bang.

We turned back around and the man popped out of a wall so we ran out as fast as we could. I looked back and he was behind us, then disappeared. Then we were back at the front door and he popped up in front of us, and we ran straight through him.

We got out safe but I had a knife slash on my arm and a bucket fell from above and we saw a man fall from that spot, but when we went to check the spot where we thought he landed, there was nothing there. We searched all around and didn't find anything........

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