The Light

by Harriet

A girl called Abbie lived in a dorm room with her friend Ellie . Abbie wonted to go out to a party that night down the road with her boyfriend but her dorm mistress would not let her go out on a school night so Abbie and her boyfriend snuck out of the window at about 11 o'clock but Abbie forgot her bag with her money and phone in it , so Abbie jumped up to the window and grabed her bag . She did not need to thern the light on because she new were it was bu on her way out see walked into something soft ,

She thought she walked into her dressing gown or something and she did not wont to tern the light on because she could of a woke Ellie or the dorn mistress so she jumped out of the window and her and her boyfreind went to the party down the road .
it was about 7 o'clock in the morning when Abbie and her boyfriend came back but they were shocked when they saw the police at Abbies dorm room 33 .

Abiie yelled "what is going on " .

the police looked at her and said "what you are about to see my shock you and could damage you but if you wont to see " .

yes yes i wont to see said Abbie and she opened the dorm room door and saw Ellie tied to a chair naked with a pool of blood all around her and something was writen on the wall in blood it said "ant you glad you didnt tern the light on ! and a picture of a lightbulb by it !

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