The Life of Helen Keller

by Robert

There was a little girl named Helen Keller and I'll tell you her story.

When she was a child, she had a fever which made her blind and deaf. One day, her mother was in the kitchen nursing a baby. Since Helen was blind; she was searching for her new doll. She picked up a spoon and threw it at her mother who ducked.

An Irish teacher came to teach Helen how to communicate. Her name was Anne Sullivan. At dinner, she ate from everyone's plate. Anne taught Helen how to eat from a silver spoon. The next night at dinner, Helen dropped a napkin and it landed on the floor. Helen's father, Arthur Keller, reached out his hand, "STOP! Helen can pick it up herself!" warned Anne, but he did, thus, when Helen tried to get it, all she felt was the table cloth.

"You can keep her for two weeks, and then no more!" said Arthur to the Teacher.

Anne took Helen to a little house in the countryside. It had a stove, a wooden table and a bed. Anne placed her purse on the ground. She took out of the purse, a piece of chocolate cake. She placed it on a silver plate on the wooden table which had two chairs. Helen shoved the whole cake into her mouth!

At night when Helen finished a bowl of oatmeal, she washed her face in a bowl of water and went to bed. When it was daylight, Helen woke up. "D-O-L-L. Doll." said her teacher while moving her fingers to teach her.

When they came outside, Helen spelled water and doll, not only that, but she also spelled tree! When Helen grew up, she taught blind people the same thing.

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