The Letter I Kept

by Brigitte Ann Castro

I had a friend, but now we were enemies, so when we were still friends, she told me to keep a very special letter. Since now we are enemies, she wanted to take the letter back.

She's rich, she even have me stalked only to get the letter. I kept the letter on a safe place there is. The letter was so special that she'll bet her life on it. We fought because of it.

Despite of that, I never treated her as my enemy. I swore to her that I will never forget her. Until now, she is expecting to get that sacred letter from me.

One day, I accidentally left the letter on the canteen floor when I slipped. Her butler almost got it but fortunately, one of my friends knew that it was so special and snatched it from him. I know that she wished that she had super powers to get it from me. Unfortunately, that is so impossible.

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