The Killer Outside Cabin 201

by Taylor

A whole summer at Camp Wanaknocka! A whole summer full of nothing but greasy camp food, friends, sports, campfire songs, and late nights with my four best friends in Cabin 201. This is going to be the best summer yet! That's what I thought. But after that summer, nobody ever went back to Camp Wanaknocka.

"Wow! What a day!" Alexa, one of my best friends said loudly. "Alexa! Shhhh! You're gonna wake up the whole camp if you don't shut up!" our other best friend Kasity said quietly. Jessica and I laughed until our faces turned crimson. Alexa, Kasity, Jessica, and I had returned to our cabin (Cabin 201 to be exact) after a long day of lacrosse, swimming, and the other daily activities the campers at Camp Wanaknocka participate in. As usual, Alexa talked loud, Kasity shushed her, and Jessica and I laughed our heads off.

"Hey, I got a scary story. Who wants to hear it?" Alexa said (again a little too loudly).

"No! Alexa, your scary stories are way too scary?" Kasity whined. "That's because they're scary stories, stupid," Alexa replied. "And besides, it's my turn to tell the story tonight," she added before anyone could object. So we let Alexa tell her scary story.

Once we had settled down on our beds, Alexa began her terrifying tale. "Okay. Legend has it that about twenty years ago a crazy dude from the Wanaknocka State Asylum, which you all know is only thirty miles form here, escaped late at night during a terrible rainstorm. He was said to have five crooked teeth, long bony arms, and white pale skin. He was six feet tall!" Alexa said, standing up on her bed while jumping. We all giggled. After Alexa sat down she started to talk again.

"Anyway, the asylum's guards never caught the crazy guy. So while the messed-up dude trudged through the woods, the campers at Camp Wanaknocka (a gasp from us, a nod from her) got ready to turn in." She paused for dramatic effect. The crazy man saw the camp and started to walk toward the nearest cabin. Cabin 201. They heard a sound near the back of their cabin. "Did you hear that?" one girl asked. "It was probably just a tree branch or the wind," the other girl said.

"Come outsideeee, come outsideeee," a voice whispered quietly and soft-like. "Okay, I know that I'm not the smartest person at school, but I'm pretty sure that that was not a branch or the wind," the first girl said. The two others just stared at the cabin door. It was opening." Alexa said, holding out her hands and trying to get a scared expression to ooze onto her still smiling face. "The cabin door opened about a two or three inches before it slammed shut, making the four girls jump. Then they heard a scuttling noise.

The girls tried to go to bed but they couldn't. It was a bad night. The next morning, the girls heard a scream coming from outside. They ran out and saw one of their camp activity directors hanging from the flagpole outside, with a note taped to her that said: You should've come outside.

After Alexa finished her story I told her that it was just a legend and to stop watching the Horror on Demands. "It's true," Alexa whispered as we all crawled into bed. As soon as I started to drift off to sleep, I heard a sound. It was one of those creepy creaking sounds that you hear in those Friday the 13th movies. I suddenly realized that I was hearing our cabin door slide open, then it slammed shut all the way. "Did you guys hear that?" Kasity asked. "It-it- it was probably just....," Alexa trailed off.

Scratch...scratch...scratch was the next sound that I heard. "I heard that!" Jessica whispered quickly. "Quick! Get over here!" we heard Alexa say. Jessica, Kasity, and I jumped up and got in Alexa's bed, which was the farthest from the door and the back wall. "Alexa, I think that your story is r-r-real!" I said frantically. "Come outsideeee, come outsideeee!" we heard a voice whisper quickly. It's the crazy dude from the asylum!" Alexa said loudly. Nobody laughed this time. We all hid under the covers until each and every one of us slipped off into a deep sleep.

The next morning we heard a shriek. All of the campers ran from their cabins. One of our activity director's was hanging from the flagpole with a note attached to her sneaker. It said: You should've come outside. To this day, everybody has gone to Camp Mockingbird too afraid to go back to Camp Wanaknocka and The Killer Outside Cabin 201.

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