The Killer Noodle.

by Marco Polo
(Unda da SEA!)



Have you ever heard of the story of PICKLE?

Well Mr. Pickle has a cousin named Mrs. Spagetti Sauce. Once upon a time there was a swan named itty bitty, and there was a BIG black cowboy named Kacidy.

Kacidy was carrying Itty Bitty through the streets of Aledo, Texas when they found a baby on the ground. "Where did this baby come from?" Kacidy says to the swan.


"Oh, I see."


"Yes I would like to accompany you in throwing this baby at the next car that passes by."



They pick the baby up and a red station wagon goes by. *doop!*

A man named Mary got out of the car and started to do an interprative dance.

Then she started chasing after Itty Bitty and Kacidy and then a killer noodle came out and stuck a spork in their eye and they all bled to death.

And then PICKLE came out and saw his lovely wife Itty Bitty lying there dead! "What cruel noodle would do this to my flapping lovely lady? A MURDERER!"

Then, the noodle came out of the wreckage of the van he blew up. "Duel?" The noodle says to pickle.

"si, senora noodle."

Then the fight raged on for many years and Pickle finally knew what would kill the noodle.

He grabbed the baby that was thrown at the man's car and he wrapped the noodle around it and threw it at the wall.

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