The Jealous Piano

by Georgia
(East Midlands, England)

Play Me!

Play Me!

I wasn't that bothered about playing an instrument but then at school, it became compulsory for every teen to play one. I signed up for the piano because at home, a dusty old one sat in the hallway and I could practise on that every here and then.

On my first lesson, I actually quite enjoyed it. I practised that night when I got home, but found that half the keys were broken. I asked mum and dad to buy me another and they said yes, if they could find a good deal. In the meantime, I had to make do with the rickety old one in the hall.

I became very good at the piano, and in time, mum and dad bought me a really good quality instrument, with beautiful carvings down the sides and on the fold-up stand. The keys were in perfect condition despite being second hand and we put it in the hall next to the old one.

We left the old one there as dad broke his back carrying the first one there and all agreed we would get rid of it later. It made the old piano look rather shabby sat next to the grand new one, I thought that night as I went to bed.

I woke up at midnight exactly and heard piano notes played so softly, I couldn't determine whether or not it was my imagination. I lay awake for a while listening to this beautiful tune but then suddenly the music stopped. It began again but this time it was awful. The notes weren't played right, too jerky and the melody sounded distorted and loud. I shouted to mum over the din, but she didn't seem to be awake. How can anyone sleep through this? I got out of bed and crept into mum and dad's room. They were both softly asleep. The hullabaloo had stopped and I went back to bed puzzled. It didn't start again.

The next morning, when I went downstairs, I screamed when I walked into the hallway. My lovely new piano was a mangled mess of keys and split wood. Scratches were right down the side of it. I pressed one of the notes and a distorted sound rang in the air. It was hideous. My old piano lay next to it, looking oddly smug, if a piano can, and appearing a lot better than it's neighbour. I couldn't bare to look at either.

Mum and dad got rid of the broken piano and the old one lay in the hallway. That weekend we got another, and I woke at midnight to the sound of notes being played?

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