The Hunt

by Lynn

It wasn't like me to kill an innocent animal. Even though I loved this animal, I killed it. If you just listen, you may hear why.

It happened on any other out-of-the-ordinary day at Boot Camp. Instructer Joe warned us not to kill the animal. So he handed out our animals. When he handed me mine, I gaped in surprise. There, in my arms, was a baby bunny so adorable. I then remembered what my parents had said. "Don't let any animals near you. Sorry honey, but you're crazy. You escaped from your mental institution, remember?" My father had said. "Now, get out there and do what you gotta do."

My mother had solemnly said, pinning a button on me that said "I escaped from my mental institution". I shook that insane story from my mind, and there I was again, holding that bunny. I couldn't do it. "Instructer Joe, my parents said I can't be near any animal. I escaped from my mental institution." I muttered. "But only a person who has a lot of sanity can confess they escaped from their mental institution."

Instructer Joe said, smiling. "No, you don't understand." I cried. "I understand everything." Instructer Joe said, taking back the bunny. I started halucinating. "MAH BUNNAH!" I screeched. I grabbed the bunny. I took out my pocket knife and stabbed it, not knowing what I was doing. It died after two stabs. I began crying and held the bunny. "I know a praier." I said. "Can you hear me? Are you near me? Can we pretend... to leave and then... we'll meet again when both our cars collide." I sang. I began digging up a grave for the bunny. It twirled around once, twice, then fell into the grave.

I plucked some flowers from the ground a placed them into the grave gently. Everyone stared at me, their eyes watery. "I'm sorry! I swear!" I cried. I ran away from Camp, heading for home. I skidded to a stop. My parents were crying on the porch. They were holding me. My limp body.

Yes, folks, I'm dead. Everyone at my camp could see ghosts. I just died yesterday at 11:00 at night. TRUE STORY! No joke/lie.

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