The house

by Isabella R
(London, England)

Sophie was excited about moving to her new house in the country, she was going with her mum, dad and sister called Lucy.

As they drove up their new driveway she caught a glimpse of the old house standing there like it had been for many hundreds of years. Mum and dad were soon opening the boot and getting their luggage out. Lucy was fascinated by the large garden and ran there and was playing around with stones carved into all sorts of animal shapes.

Sophie stood motionless by the front door. Strangely, the door was bright pink and the rest of the house was lemony white in colour.

"I wonder what it looks like inside...I wish I could go in." Sophie mumbled.

"Well you can knock on the door. I bet the guy selling this house is waiting in there for us. You better let him know that we're here Sophie." mum said juggling with the luggage.

"OK mum." she said in a quiet voice because she was starting to get worried what the man would be like.

So, Sophie slowly pressed the bell, and an eager guy opened the door with a creak and started talking really fast saying, "Hi I'm Gerry Kingsnorth. Nice to meet you, so you must be the family buying my house! Let me show you around."

He walked off down the hall expecting her to follow, but she was so surprised how big the house was that she could barely move a muscle. It was so huge that she could hear Gerry's voice echoing! He turned around a corner and saw her by the front door staring at the house. "Come on child, quickly now!" He bellowed. "Yes Mr.Kingsnorth, I'm coming." Said Sophie

Sophie started running until she caught up with him. He showed her into this huge room, with pictures hanging up everywhere. And right at the very end, there was a picture of a young boy about Sophie's age. It said...


Sophie asked "Mr.Kingsnorth, how did he actually die?" "I'm sorry little girl, but I don't know exactly, all I know is that he died in this very house. "But who was he?" "I told you my dear; I don't know how he died or what happened!"

"No, no, I asked you who was he?"
"I told you I don't..."

"Yes I know you don't know how it happened, but who was the boy?"

"Look I don't have time for your childish games." And he rushed off.

Later on... when it was time to go to bed, she heard noises. It was very strange because by this time everyone was asleep, apart from Sophie. So, she got out of bed and looked in Lucy's bedroom, and she had her eyes tightly shut, sound asleep. Then she looked in mum and dad's bedroom and dad wasn't there. Sophie rushed down stairs and saw in the picture room:


He was dead!

Then Sophie heard footsteps coming from behind her. She turned around quickly and saw her dad holding a knife pointing towards her, but before she could move he STABBED her in the back!

The next morning mum and Lucy were sobbing.
And guess who was at the very end of the room...

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