The House that Creeps

by Hannah W.

There is a little town with a small population of people living in it. The town is a close knit community where everyone gets along and people are pleasant towards each other. It has the lowest crime rates seen for a long time and was voted the safest place to live. However, just outside the town's border there is a house.

This house has been empty for many years because of the horrific murders which happened there long before the town was fully established. A family had once lived in it. The family had consisted of a couple who had little twin girls aged 3 years old. They seemed to be a happy family and all was well for the first few months they lived there.

Things took a turn for the worse when the father claimed horrible vibes were issued from the house and he demanded to leave it. The mother had refused. She had made friends there and finally got her life sorted out. She wasn't about to ruin it by moving some place new. The father dropped the subject and moved on.

He steadly grew more and more quiet, often keeping to himself, waking up in the nights screaming. On one dreary evening the father cracked. The tales say he went mad and beat his wife to death with a solid ornament kept on the mantle piece. He then continued up the stairs to the bathroom where he ran a warm bath. He crept into his daughters' room and took them both from their beds.

Cooing to them in a soft maniacal way, he had put them in the bath and left the tap running. He then went downstairs and sat staring into space for a few hours, blocking out the wailing of his young daughters'. Making his way upstairs after the cries had stopped, he lifted up his wife's lifeless form and carried her upstairs whistling cheerfully to himself. Entering the bathroom, he dumped the wife's body into the now cold water, next to the bodies of his two young daughter's. He scooped them out gently and carried there dead forms back to their rooms, tucking them into bed and even kissing their foreheads. He then went and locked the bathroom door from the outside to leave his wife's body to rot in the water.

Months later and he was still in the house, caring for his half decomposed daughters' and treating them as if they were still alive. It wasn't until 6 months after the deaths that the man was found out after a neighbor entered and noticed the smell of rotten flesh. He was imprisoned for life. The bodies of the children and wife were recovered. The man was questioned and he seemed to become confused when the police asked why he killed the children. He said how his children were still alive, how he had put them to bed and kissed them goodnight. He was proved insane and sectioned.

Later on just before his death, he had a single sane moment where he whispered how the voices had made him kill his wife and care for his dead children as if they were still alive. He died later on that day. No one knows what the voices are but people say they were spoken from the devil himself.

Where the house is built is said to be where an opening to hell is situated, and whenever the devil grows bored he surfaces and tortures the poor living souls with sadistic orders and frightening threats for his own pure amusement. Was it the devil who made the man commit these horrific crimes? Or was the man simply driven insane from life itself and finally cracked to turn into a madman?

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