The Horrors of the Mind

by Rocco G.

It was in December of 2010. There was a boy named Ricky. He and his friends Jimmy and Madison were walking through Trans Alleghany lunatic asylum. They all went to different wings of the building. Jimmy went in the west wing and Madison went into the East wing. Then, the last, Ricky, went into the north wing.

Then when they entered they all had different feelings. Ricky felt like he was going to throw up. Madison walked in and she felt like she was being followed. Then Jimmy entered and he almost passed out. Though they may all have had different feelings they did have the same thing in common. They keep seeing things crawling on the floor with green eyes. Then they hear screaming in the distance.

So when Jimmy heard the scream he started to look around. Then he started asking questions out loud looking for where the noise had come from. He felt like something was mooching him behind him when he started walking. So jimmy stopped in a room, which just so happened to be the morgue. He was tired and he saw a empty tray laying on the open door in the morgue so he laid on it.

The next thing he knew he had fallen asleep. When he woke up he was laying next to a corpse. He screamed and tried to move but he was not going anywhere. He wasn't tied down and nothing was on him but he saw a shadow holding him down like it was about to do a surgery.

Then Ricky heard a scream and he looked around and it was Jimmy screaming. The next thing he knew he heard Jimmy say "Run Ricky run!" He started running. Faster then faster, then he heard something sliding across the floor in front of him. He stopped and he said "who’s there". All he heard was "I’m the doctor who helped these men, women and children. Ans now I’m here to help you." Ricky started running again. Soon, he was outside in a barn waiting for the butcher.

Madison heard every little scream but she had thought it was the guys messing with her but she never got messed with until she started to leave the building. She was at the door ready to leave but she kept hearing her name being yelled. no one was there. Suddenly every door in the building opened up at the same time and slammed as hard as they could.

All and all, if you ever go to Trans Alleghany lunatic asylum. Be prepared to be scared out of your mind. Or die like the rest that have entered.

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