The Horror Behind Mayonnaise

by Daniel and Muneerah
(Compton, California)

Let me tell you about a girl named Sonia, she loved mayonnaise. Sonia would put mayonnaise on everything. She loved mayonnaise so much, that she would eat it by itself.

Then, one night she decided to eat mayonnaise by itself. She opened a full jar of mayonnaise and ate half of it. So she went to bed and the next morning she found that the jar of mayonnaise was full. Through the day she put mayo on everything she ate.

That night she couldn't resist eating mayo. She said, "mmmmmm, it's so good!" She licked her fingers clean. She got sleepy and went to bed. The next morning she saw that the jar of mayo was full again. She was surprised to see it full! Sonia said in a loud voice, "I know that I ate half of the mayo! I've got to see what's going on! I'll see tonight!"

That night Sonia ate half of the mayo again. Her kitchen has enough room for three people. Sonia's fridge was at the far end of the kitchen near the sink. She decided to hide near the door. She was starting to get tired and fell asleep.

Sonia heard the fridge open and slowly got up. Slowly she walked to the fridge, but couldn't see. Quietly she open the fridge door. Her eyes were wide open with horror. She held her mouth so she wouldn't scream. There stood a small man with a little sleeveless shirt and shorts with pimples all over his body. Sonia saw him squirting puss from his pimples, and kept on growing them every time he popped each one. He was mixing it in with the mayo that was left and laughing wickedly. He was so distracted he didn't notice Sonia standing there. He stood in silence and panic....So he ran as fast as he could. She let out a loud scream, "Aghhh!" Ever since then she never saw him again.

Word of advise if your jar of mayo is half way finished and it some how got mysteriously full. You know it is the weird little man with pimples all over his body. Every time someone sees him, he escapes and invades another house.

Who knows! Your house could be next!

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