The Holiday

by Rebecca

Everybody has the perfect holiday right!? well think again. The story starts in the year 1809, a rich family of 6, was sitting at home having dinner. Then there was a loud bang on the door. The aduits stood up looking at the door. The bang came louder, and louder, and louder. Until the kitchen door flew open, the caretaker came running in with a gun, with a crazy look on his face!

The husband told his wife and kids to run upstairs, but his wife would not leave him, and the 4 kids ran upstairs to their room they shared, and hid under their beds. Meanwhile downstair, the caretaker was lauging evily at the aduits while shooting them.

When he finshed with them, he slowly walked up the stairs to the kids room, and opened up the door. He pulled out the oldest brother, and shoot him in the head, and shoot all the rest one by one...

"Here we are kids, what you think!?" Katie the oldest said "I hate it!" The kids dad gave her a thrown and putted his arm round their mother. As for Georgina the youngest child said "I think I will like it here!" the kids mum gave her a small smile letting go of their dad and said, "As long someone going to enjoy it's here!" Then they all went the sepereted ways.

That night when everyone was in bed. Georgina felt the chills and just suddenly felt cold. She jumped out of bed too teack if she closed the windows. But they was fully shut and locked. She was about to climb back in bed, until she saw a ghost! "Who are you?" Georgina could not bealive her eyes, a real ghost in the house. "My name is Rose, why are you in my room?" I've stared at her, then said. "Your room!?" The ghost just nodded then said "Can you please help me find my mummy and daddy and my brothers and sister?"

The ghost had a sad looked on her face. "please, they left me behind and now I need your help, to bring them back for me!" Georgina said "Where are they!"

"They are in heaven, and I only got a hour, to return back to them"

"What do you mean?" The ghost told Georgina to follow her somewhere.

"Where are we!?" Georgina said, The ghost of Rose told Georgina "This was where he stopped me!" Her ghostly face looked stright ahead, then Georgina said "Who stopped you!?" Rose slowly moved her arm up and pointed at sometime stiaght ahead.

Here lies George Williams, born 1779-1812.

Georgina said to Rose while just finshing reading this, "Who was he?" Rose was staring at the grave saying "he was the caretaker of this house once, but one day he just went mental, and killed my whole family, including me." Georgina looked at Rose shocked and said "So he's the one stopping you going back to your family?" She's nodded, then they started to walked back indoor again.

"I think I founded it!" Georgina said while looking in a old spell book, Rose came over and said "That's the one"

A big flash of light came out of nowhere and infront of them, was a family of ghost. "Rose come home with us!" Rose turned round and said to her new friend "Thank you so much Georgina, without your help I would propuley not be able see my family again. When you here and fill the wind that means I am in the very same room!" Then she flew towards her family, going in thin air!

And Rose kept her promise. This made Georgina felt safe and secure. 2 weeks later it was time for the family leave themselve, and Georgina knew she woud Meet her new friend again!

"Grandma, did you met Rose again?" Kissing her grandughter head Georgina said "That's can be for another story sweetie, right now go to sleep!" The little girl just nodded fallen asleep, leaving Georgina smiling at her sleeping grandaughter and said to herself "And we sure did!"

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Feb 22, 2011
uhmmm ew.
by: Anonymous

confusing...bad grammar you will never be a writer if you cant talk rite..

Phil G: Anonymous may want to check his or her own spelling before throwing stones.

Nov 27, 2009
by: Anonymous

Your grammar was terrible and so was your spelling. Did you read Ghost of the Rising Sun? Because it kind of sounded like you copied that. Sorry, you need some time to improve your stories.

Nov 25, 2009
by: Hafsa

This story was great!!! Really gave me the creeps! :) Keep up the good work.

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