The High School Mystery

by Jemma

Greensville High School was a great place to learn and make many friends. There are currently 845 students and 19 teachers. Sure it sounds like a great place, but, a mystery, that has never been told, lies beneath the school grounds.

60 years ago, Greensville High School had only 16 students, two of these students' names were Matthew and Riley. Matt and Riley were brothers and got up to the same tricks as usual. One day when they went to visit their mate for a sleepover, Jordan, their best friend, told them a story about a girl that died underneath the school.

As the story goes, she went to collect her bike from under the school and the cleaner locked her in there not knowing that there was someone inside.

The girl was in there for hours and hours. The hours turned into days and days turned into a week. She was dying of hunger and dehydration, she needed to get out, so she slammed the wooden doors with her hands and screamed as loud as she could.

She heard a scratching sound so she stopped what she was doing and listened to the sound. It kept on getting louder and louder like it was coming closer to her. She got frightened because everything was dark and she didn't know what was coming towards her.

She screamed as she felt a scratching on her face, the cuts were wide and deep so blood went everywhere all over her face and all over her clothes. The pain was unbearable so she used all of her strength to get it off her. She used her hands to grab the thing by it's head and realized it didn't have a head. She had no idea what creature it was and gave up. She died after it's sharp claws slid through her body.

The boys thought it was all fake so for their truth or dare question they were dared to go underneath the school and stay there for the rest of the night. They didn't want to look like chickens so they walked to the school by themselves and entered the wooden doors underneath the school.

They sat down next to each other not knowing where they were going because of the darkness and fell asleep. A few hours later they both woke up to a scratching noise. They thought it was Jordan pranking them so they said "Nice try Jordan!!" very loudly.

Big Mistake.

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