The Haunting In West Cove

by Matt

There once was a boy named, Matt, and his friend Alex. Alex and Matt were best friends and they lived down the street from each other, in a small town. The town, West Cove, was a small town with about 700-800 people living in it.

It was a Friday and Matt and Alex were happy to be out of school, because, of course, it was the beginning of Spring Break. As the boys met up at around 4:23 at Matt's house, they noticed as they were playing with there airsoft gun that there was a trail in the back of Matt's property.

Matt's house was large, and there were no houses behind him, just 100 acres of plain, flat, and grassy land. Today was different. As Matt commented on how strange that trail had been, considering it wasn't there earlier, Alex pointed out something else.

"Look over there." said Alex, pointing to an old burnt up oil mill that had just appeared on the trail. "Let's go check it out!" As the boys ran through the field going to meet the trail and whatever or, whomever it would hold, the boys noticed there was a mound of charred clothes near the mill. As Matt picked up the clothes, he noticed that one part of it was burnt, and on the other side of it, there was a light red liquid stain on the shirt. "Is it blood?" said Alex, staring in amazement. "Maybe, but, it looked faded, but maybe, it was washed off from the rain."

As the boys sat watching the cloth, they didn't notice that something was behind them. As they sat quietly, a girl came up behind them, almost out of nowhere. The girl was wearing all white, with a pale face, and long black hair.

"REDRUM,HTAED,REVEROF,TNUAH" The girl screamed, and then disappeared. as the boys ran to Matt's house. Clouds started getting dark, and rain started pouring. The boys kept running, and running, but weren't getting anywhere. As the sticky mud engulfed the boys feet, Matt tripped over a rock. As this happened, there was a sudden scream, and Alex was looking for Matt. "MATT, MATT WHERE ARE YOU!" Alex cried. as tears began coming down Alex's cheek, he turned around, to see Matt standing, as if he was asleep. "Matt... Are you ok?" Alex was cut short of his conversation. As he saw the girl, looking paler and paler, screaming louder and louder, there was a crack of thunder, and the boys were never seen again.

Years later, the police had given up looking for Matt and Alex, and a man came to inspect Matt's family's property. As the man walked, he noticed a mill near a trail. As he walked up, he looked inside the well. There he saw Alex And Matt, but before he could say anything, he saw a girl come up behind him. "Hello..." said the little girl. As he looked at the girl, she said " Want to play a game?" and with a crack of thunder, the man and the two boys, were never found again, but the little girl, was far from being done. Whenever there was an unlucky visitor to seek the great oil mill, the little girl, would want to play a game. A deadly game.

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