The Haunted Mansion

by Sarah Solorza
(West Covina, CA U.S.A)

There was a family of 7 who lived together in a house. A mom, dad, 2 daughters, and 2 sons. The daughters and sons were 6 at this time. As the kids were sleeping the mom and the dad were still up in bed by themselves. Then the dad said, "Im going to go oustside and get some fresh air." So he went oustide and soon it was 1:15 and he never returned to his house.

Then 4 years past and so the mother was always lonely. She had to sleep by herself, eat by herself, and talk to herself when the children were at school. Then she decided to re-marrie to this wealthy man. They had 2 twins and were happy together. Then the man decided to buy a rich mansion with his money for his family up on a hill that was 4 stories high.

As they went inside the house, they noticed a dead body on the floor with blood surrounding it. It was their dad.Then they burried it and took it to the semitary. As they were sleeping the mom heard a noise in the closet. Then she thought it was her imagination so she tried to go back to sleep. Then she heard the noise again. Thias time it wsnt her imagination. Then she heard a noise that sounded like her husband and it was going "Cindy, Cindy, C-I-N-D-Y." Because that was her name.

Then the voice was getting louder and louder and then all of a sudden a body jumped on her and she screamed at the top of her lungs then she dissapeared and nobody saw her ever again.

* Thanks for reading this scary story that my grandpa actually told me. It is actually the same haunted mansion in Ireland and it also has the man's in the storie's ghost in there.* (Well at least that's what my grandpa told me).......

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