The haunted barn

by Diamond

My cousin's family lives on a large farm. Most of the land was inherited from their grandfather. One day I was spending the night and it was around 2:00 p.m. and we were exploring the land. We walked for a long time until we reached a barn we had never seen before. We thought we had seen everything on the land. As we walked in it smelled like something was burning but there was no smoke so we went in. The door slammed shut behind us but we just shrugged it off as the wind.

As we were walking around we could here a strange moaning. We were scared but it made us more interested in the barn. As we walked up the steps the burning smell got stronger and there was the most disturbing blood curdling scream i'd ever heard. I thought someone was trapped so my three cousins ran up the steps and nothing was there. We looked around and there was a strange figure.

We looked closer it was a teenage looking brunette with green eyes. "Are you okay" i screamed. But there was no response there was a flash of fire a moan and then nothing. By then my cousins and i were so freaked out that we ran out.

We arrived back around 9:00 and it was just getting dark. We told my father and he just said impossible. He drove us back to check it out but when we arrived to the exact spot there was no barn. We had marked the spot by sticking a large tree branch in the ground. There was the tree branch but no barn.

My father then said that the barn that was here burned down ten years ago with a 14 year old brunette girl named Marline still inside. All my cousins stared at each other. That was the weirdest night of my life and to this day i still have nightmares of the bloodcurdling scream.

No one believes my cousins and I and we vowed to never talk about it again. To this day we never explored the land again and there have been no sightings of a ghost barn.

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