The Happy Couple

by Beth

There was once a beautiful girl and a handsome man who loved each other dearly. One evening, just after they had married, they were driving home in their horse and cart.

It was dark and they had to cross a short, narrow bridge. They didn't realise and just carried straight on. Suddenly, they noticed the milk cart speeding towards them, but it was too late. The milk cart swerved to avoid them but the frightened horses swerved too, straight into the out of control cart. One of the horses bucked, kicking the husband in the head and breaking his neck, the wife was flung into the icy river below.

Unfortunately, they didn't die quickly, instead the husband died in agony and the wife slowly drowned. Some say, on dark moonlit evenings, you can see the ghosts of the happy couple riding home, the milk cart heading for them, and their slow, gruesome deaths.

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