The Hand Print

by Katie
(Kalamazoo, MI)

I was sitting on my green couch in the living room, playing on my ipod. It was a nice day out but there was nothing to do out-side, my dog Max was at the groomers so i just played on my ipod.

I was playing sudoku when all of a sudden i heard a loud thump come from the fire place about ten feet in front of me. i looked up at it and there in plain site was a hand print, but it had four fingers not five but four.

I was terrified I ran screaming to my dad (and just for your information I was 9 years old) he just laughed at me saying ghosts aren't real but i know they are. My mom use to sleep in my room and she says its haunted and thinks the living room is also haunted she says in my room you feel like your being watched but no ones there.

In the living room she says sometimes you can see a girl standing at the window looking out, sometimes outside you can see her standing there watching you.

This is a true story, no joke. It may be a tiny bit scary.

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