The haircut

by michaelangelo
(planet xeon)

I hide behind a mask, for good reason.

12 years ago my life changed forever. I was a 15 year old boy, a teenager with attitude and in need of a haircut. My hair was long, wavy and gloriously rebellious against the wishes of my parents; they had been asking me continuously to get a haircut.

I don't know why I relented but I did. Perhaps I was tired of the hairstlye that I had, perhaps it was the incessant nagging of my mother's whining voice. In any case impulse got the better of me and I booked myself in for a cheap no frills $10 haircut at the local barber.

I noticed immediately that the barber was not the usual old man that had serviced the area for the last 30 years. He was different, a tall lean man, with a pale face and long twitching fingers. "sit down here please" he asked innocuosly. "what would you like?" he continued.

"anything man, I'm easy" I replied noncholantly.

"really, anything?.....Ok Maaaan", the last I heard before my own screams began.

Immediately he strapped me to the chair with lightning speed, I could see huge leather belts and buckles wrapping around me with his pale fingers feverishly tightening them. A sock was stuffed into my mouth and taped. I had to calm down to breath just to stay conscious. The haircut had begun. He tore through my scalp with razors slashing like Zoro, as strips of my scalp flew around us, decroated with a rain of blood. He danced to a CD playing some kind of classical music. As the slashing moved towards my face I passed out. Death could not come too soon.

I awoke to the muttering of people. I was in a hospital covered in bandages. Pain seared through my head like acid over skin. Over the course of a week I slowly regained consciousness.

When it came time to reveal my new head, I was nervous. As each layer of bandage was peeled of , mixed with my cries of pain and sobbing was the realisation that this 'haircut' would be permanent. There it was, my slashed up face and head, devoid off all hair for he had taken my scalp. One lone strand of hair on the middle of my head remained. It will always serve as a reminder that I once had hair and a face. In the irony of the situation I too could not help but laugh jsts as the barber did when he took to my locks and scalp with utter contempt.

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