The Grave

by Molly N.
(Australia NSW Sydney)

Not long ago there was a young woman named sally who was university.

One night after studying chemistry, Sally was hanging out with her friends. They were talking about scary legends and ghosts. Then they talked about a haunted graveyard that was just a few blocks away. They said that if you stab a knife in one of the graves where the person was buried the corpse would pull you into the grave and you would die mysteriously.

Sally thought this was just one of the old wives tales that weren't true but all her friends said it was true. Sally laughed and said that she would stab a knife on one of the graves at night to prove to them that it's just a big joke.

The night after, Sally grabbed a knife from the kitchen and a flashlight. She walked to the graveyard they were talking about the night before. Then she got out her knife and plunged it onto one of the graves. For a moment nothing happened so she shook her head and started heading out but something was grabbing her dress. Sally was so frightened that she fell into the grave.

The next day the police arrived to the graveyard. They saw Sally dead and said that she had stabbed the knife into her dress without knowing and fell into the grave where the knife was.

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