The Girl in the Window, Part 3

by Catherine P.
(Melbourne, Australia)

Maddy was sitting on her bed, trying to concentrate on her homework, but she kept thinking about the murdered girl in the house that Joanne told her about. Was it true? If so, should she investigate with her? She DID love murder mysteries, but she had never experienced one in real life, only in TV shows and books.

Suddenly, she spotted something through her window, in the window of the other house. She dropped her books and pencil and ran to the window. When she took a closer look, she almost fell over. For in the window of the house across from hers, was a girl. And the girl was waving. But not like a "hello" wave, more like a "Help me!" wave, with both hands swinging in the air. Her face was pale and sick looking.

Maddy stared at the girl as she looked to the side and fell backwards. Maddy gasped and was just about to run back to her bed when a man suddenly came to the window, brandishing a knife.
Then Maddy DID run to her bed, baffled at what she had seen. She was sure that it was Shannae Fields in that window. That was the house that everyone was talking about, according to Joanne. It all made sense! That man was the murderer!

Maddy snatched her phone fron her bedside table and dialed Joanne's number. She hoped that Joanne would believe her.

"Yello, JoJo speaking!" Joanne answered. Maddy frowned.

"Hey, it's me, Maddy" she said "How many times have I told you NOT to answer the phone 'Yello'? And since when are you JoJo?"

"I'm sorry, I thought JoJo might catch on. Anyways, what's up?"

"I just saw Shannae fields in the window of that house! I swear it was her, but she was all pale looking!" Maddy sighed "Please believe me"

"Well, I must say you have to be going bonkers!" Joanne sighed as well "She's dead. Unless you saw the ghost." Maddy coughed.

"Ghosts aren't real! It's scientifically proven!"
"So, you're saying that Shannae suddenly came back to life, or the police spoofed it all?!" Joanne said sarcastically.

"I don't know, but I wouldn't lie to you and I'm NOT going crazy" Mady said firmly. There was a pause. Joanne broke the silence.

"W- what was she wearing?" she stammered.

"A dress, it looked like our uniform actually!"

"Um . . . Maddy?" Joanne sounded scared.


"Shannae was in her uniform when she was found!"
"Then I definitely saw her?"

"Yes. Definitely."

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