The Girl in the Window Part 2

by Catherine P.
(Melbourne, Australia)

"Hey, Maddy, did you hear about the ghost?"

Joanne yelled after Maddy as she walked to school. When she caught up, Maddy asked.
"What ghost?" She demanded. Joanne looked at her as if she was crazy.

"The ghost of Shannae Fields!" Maddy raised an eyebrow. "Who?" "Shannae Fields. She was murdered in the empty house, across from yours."

"Across from my house?" Maddy gasped. Joanne rolled her eyes. "Yeah" She said impatiently. "Everyone's talking about it now. I even heard that the house is haunted!" Maddy snorted. "That's ridiculous! It's probably just a rumour. Besides, I don't even REMEMBER Sharon!"

"It's SHANNAE, and you wouldn't remember her." Joanne said "She was in Year 8 four years ago. They just found her body." Maddy squirmed.
"Ew. That's great!" She said sarcastically. She hated blood and guts.

"Oh, come on, Maddy!" Joanne whined "You LOVE murder mysteries!" Maddy raised her eyebrow again.
"Since when? I've always found them gross and creepy!" said she. Joanne clicked her fingers to indicate that she had it sold.

"Since you just found out that the missing girl from Glynderborne Middle School's body, has just been found in the house opposite yours!" As they past the house Joanne winked at Maddy. Maddy stomped her foot.

"I'm not going in, OK?" She yelled.

"Alright, alright! It was just a suggestion!" Joanne winked again and ran round the corner. Maddy started to chase her, but she stopped and looked longingly at the house. Joanne was right. She DID like murder mysteries, and she DID want to investigate. She thought over and over in her mind, but then Joanne came around the corner.
"Come ON Maddy!" She yelled "Your mum says she's got brownies!".

Maddy pushed the house out of her mind, to save for another day.

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