The Girl in the Closet

by Damion

Once, a kid named Fred and his family moved to a little house in San Antonio Texas. He thought it was kinda creepy, but just ignored it. When he went inside he felt a cold shiver run down his spine and then he felt an ice cold hand go on his shoulder. When he turned around nobody was there.

He was scared but didn't tell his parents because he knew they'd either freak out and want to leave or call him crazy, so he kept it to hiself.

That night as he was watching his favorite movie, The Grudge, he heard a noise that sounded like a little girl gigging. He was about check it out when his mother caled for him. When he went downstairs to the kitchen which is where his mother called for him he saw that it was a mess. When he asked his mother what happened she shrugged but said that he was going to have to clean it up all by hiself. So he spent all night cleaning the kitchen up.

When he was all finished he only got 20 minutes to sleep before his parents woke up. They told him that they're going to have to leave at 9 tonight for his mom's boss's funeral. Fred wasn't scared because he's been home alone plenty of times.

That night when his parents left he immediately went up to his room. After 1 hour of whatching T.V he heard giggling from his closet. When he checked it out he saw a girl facing the wall. "What's your name"? Asked Fred. No answer. "Why are you here"? Asked Fred. "I'm going to kill you the same way my parents killed me", responded the girl. She then showed Fred her face.

She had a blue bloody and hand prints on her neck. HEL.....Those were the last letters he ever said. His parents found him the next day with a message on the wall that said FRED IS DEAD!

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