The Girl and the Doll

by Sarah

A little girl named Emily looked around at the large trees that surround her as she walk along a long path within a large forest. A smile came to her lips as she watched a group of small birds fly off the branch above her and small lines of sunlight filtered through the leaves of the trees for a brief second as they passed through.

Soon it was dark again, but she felt no fear as she knew she was close to home. She quickened her pace until something caught her eye and she stopped. There was something white sticking out of one of the many bushes that lined the path. Out of curiosity, Emily slowly starts to walk towards it and as she got closer, she saw something red next to it.

As she slowly stepped forward and looked around the bush, the smile returns to her face when she sees a small doll lying against the long green grass. It had long red hair that went down to its waist and it wore a blue dress along with silver high-heel shoes. It was like a doll version of Emily herself and she immediately picked it up and brought it home with her. She snuck past her parents, because she knew they wouldn't approve of her bringing the doll home with her. As she entered her room, she placed the doll in her closet and left it in there.

Night started to fall and that was when Emily heard a voice coming from within the closet. She sat up and was immediately frightened. 'Don't be frightened Emily' the voice said in a sweet voice, 'You're my friend, come here and play with me' Emily didn't move and the voice lost some of its calmness. 'Emily, don't make me come to you'.
Emily slowly pulled her blanket down and took a deep sigh before climbing out of bed and walking towards the closet, opening the door slowly.

The next morning, Emily's mother called her down for breakfast. But she didn't come down, and after five minutes, the mother started to get worried and she walked up the stairs. When she opened the door and looked inside, she didn't see Emily and that only increased her concern for her little girl. She looked all around the room, from under the bed to outside the window and then finally, the closet. She opened the door and let out a loud scream. The father came up the stairs quickly, only to be met with the same horrible sight that the mother had seen.

Emily was hanging from the roof of the closet by a chain that was wrapped around her neck, dead. Her eyes had been plucked out, her stomach ripped open and her fingers and toes sewn together. Blood covered every part of the closet, some still dripping.

The doll was the only thing not covered and it was lying there, looking innocent. Right next to it was a dagger and a sewing needle and also a note that said 'Come play with me' The door behind the parents shut close and the doll lifted it's head... a smile on it's face.

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Oct 04, 2009
pretty good.....
by: Anonymous

pretty good! i liked it!

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