The Giggling Girls

by Brianna Abrego
(Waukegan Ilinois )

It was cloudy and spooky that day. Dried leaves lay all over the streets and lawns. You could see the moon approaching from behind the dead dry trees.

"The Woodrow house" Maggie Parker said in her best scary voice. Her and her friends Allison Sampson and Anna Anderson were standing outside the house, looking at it from the empty sidewalk. It gave them chills just looking at it.
Full of dust. Deserted. No sign of life coming from inside it. Seeing that her scary voice didn't scare her friends, she tried something different.

"You know, as the story goes, a family moved there. A happy family. Happy just like the Brady Bunch . The Woodrow twins were part of the family . Aly and Carly Woodrow loved running around in the house because of how big it is . But something happened . When they were walking in the house one day , on a full moon , they fell ... right into the furnace in the basement . The floor had snapped from under them ... SNAP !!!! They were burned and cut up to death . Aly was holding a doll when she died , Carly was holding her stuffed bear . Their parents found them , dead . But right when they looked at the kids , burnt and all , the twins eyes shot open .
Their eyes were glowing red . Like fire . They got up and grabbed a crowbar from the side of the furnace and killed their parents . You can still hear their giggles as they skip through the house holing their doll and stuffed bear singing "Ring Around the Rosies " .Legend has it that people keep disappearing when they go in there , like the girls are still there , waiting to kill ." Magggie told them . Allison's eyes were huge by the time the story was finished , but anna kept a skeptial look . She began to walk toward the house , coser and closer until they realized ...realized that she was walking towards the door . They chased after her . " Anna , what the heck are doing ?!" Allison screamed .
" Al , I'm not buying this ! It's not true - none of it is true !" Anna screamed . " Don't go in there ." Maggie told her . Anna sighed . " I'm just going to look through the door window ." She told them . She walked closer to the door and looked in . No sign of life . But there was something , a feeling . Like something was in there . waiting for you . The door opened by itself and Anna flew in there , the door slamming shut .
" Oh God , it's locked ! Anna , if this is a joke I'll break you teeth !" Maggie screamed . She was both angry and scared . Both of them looked into the house . There was no one in there . SLAM !!!!!! Anna's freaked out face appeared banging on the door window .
" OPEN THE DOOR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! DEAR lORD , OPEN THE DOOR !" She screamed banging as hard as she could on the door . " It's locked ! We can't !" Allison yelled to her . " Hold on !" Maggie screamed . But anna's face disappeared . Maggie looked to her side , Allison had fainted . " Dang it Allison , wake up ." she said helping her up . They both ran as fast as they could to the neighbor's house and called the police .
Anna proceded down the hall . She looked in front of her when she heard a sound . A song .
"Ring around the rosies , a pocket full of possies , ashes , ashes , we all fall down ."
Anna's eyes turn wide with fear when she heard another line of the song .
" Burning in the furnace , we stabbed and killed our parents , burning , dead girls , you will die too !"
When she looked forward , she saw two girls . One holding a doll , the other holding a teddy bear . They were burned . Scratched up and burned so much that you could hardly make out the details of their faces . Their eyes were sunken in and glowing red . FIRE red . " Ring around the rosies , a pocket full of posies , ashes , ashes , we all fall down ."
Everything went black . Anna woke up again . Looking around in panic , she discovered she was in a basement .
The girls were with her . With a crowbar in their hands .
Anna pulled out her asthma inhaler , not knowing what she would do with it , how the heck can you hold off two ghosts with medication . But it was too late . One blow to her head . Another one to her neck . Over and over . Bang Bang Bang !
" She was our best friend . The police and us found her body , scratched up and bloody . Her inhaler in her hand . We had no idea that it would happen . Not like that . We just can't believe it ." Maggie Parker explained . " We didn't know that the story was true . We thought it was just any ordinary house . But it's not . Evil lurks in that house . We lost our best friend to evil ." Allison Sampson added crying . They were on a radeo show .
Anna Anderson had lived an overall good life . But only up to the age of sixteen . No one knows where she is now . In the house ? Up above ? Down below ?
No one knows .

This was a formatting nightmare, so I didn't continue... just let it go this time. Can anyone tell me why there is a space before each period '.' and comma ','? You cannot be taught this in school. Is the story worth keeping?

Phil G.

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Aug 04, 2010
by: Melissa

i can honestly say this is one of my favorites on this site, along with another that involves the "ring around the rosies" song. i feel that that particular nursery rhyme is one of the most sinister, the meaning behind it being of course, the black plague, also to incorporate a common children's nursery rhyme in a horror story adds the aspect of innocents to the story, but at the same time, turns something we cherished as children, into something a lot more terrifying. over all, an excellent story, i give it a solid 5! keep up the good work!

(age 15, BC Canada)

Feb 19, 2010
by: Laura

Actually, I didn't get very far past the second paragraph because of the formatting/grammar/punctuation, etc, but I'm assuming that underneath the errors is a good story.

So I would say keep it. Of course, I would suggest finding someone to fix the formatting if you don't want to yourself... I could help if you needed, but I'm not even in high school yet... Haha. =)

Dec 09, 2009
ring a ring
by: mole. h

its ring a ring of roses pocket full of poses atichoo ctichoo we all fall down

and yes itt izz worth keepin cause its good

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