The ghost with one black eye

by Navina Kaur

My great-grandfather ran a hotel downtown back in the days when people were tough and times were hard. Folks traveling through town would need a place to wash off the road dust, eat, and sleep a spell. His hotel turned a nice little profit and many nights during the summer, every room would be filled - that is, every room except one!

As the story goes, this one room was haunted. Seems that way back when the hotel was first built a man got in a fight over a girl down in the bar. He took a tremendous left cross right in his left eye and it knocked him out - just one punch. Folks hauled him up to his room to sleep it off, but he never woke up - died right there in the room.

Since then, no one was able to sleep in that room because of the ghost. One day, a barmaid needed a room. Grandpappy said, "Sorry, miss, I've only got one room left and its haunted." "That's ok, I'll take it," replied the barmaid.

While getting ready for bed, she heard, "I'm the ghost with one black eye. I'm the ghost with one black eye." Scared the bejeebers out of her! She ran downstairs in her nightgown, right out the front door, and was never seen again.

A few years later, a cowboy rented the room. Grandpappy said it was haunted, but he said, "Shoot Heck, pardner, I rope bulls and don't spit out my chaw juice. I ain't afeared of no ghost."
But, as he was taking a bath, he heard, "I'm the ghost with one black eye. I'm the ghost with one black eye."

That cowboy gulped, choked on his chaw, his face turned purple, his eyes bulged out, he jumped out of the bath, covered his private parts with his hat, and skidaddled out of town like a jackrabbit across the prairie.

The room sat vacant for more years until a U.S. Marshall drove into town in a new fangled automobile instead of on a horse. He asked Grandpappy for a room, but this was the busy season and guess what - there was only one room left and Grandpappy explained it was haunted.
"That's just fine," said the Marshall. "I've killed 37 men, been shot 12 times, bit by a rattlesnake twice, and gargle with turpentine every morning. I'm not too concerned about some silly ghost."

So, he went up to his room. But, no sooner had he closed the door when he heard, "I'm the ghost with one black eye. I'm the ghost with one black eye." He turned and smashed right through the door, leaped the entire flight of stairs, picked up his automobile, and ran out of town screaming and hollering at the top of his lungs.

A couple years after that, in the early 1900s, a family was passing through town on a family vacation. Any idea how many rooms were left? NOPE - there were TWO rooms left! But, the mother and father wanted their own room and their young son could have his own. Grandpappy told them about the ghost, but the boy just said, "Wow! A REAL GHOST? Cool!"

The mom and dad went to their room and the boy opened his up. He took a bath, got ready for bed, and hopped in. Just then, he heard, "I'm the ghost with one black eye. I'm the ghost with one black eye." And, the boy hollered back, "Well, I'm a Cub Scout and you don't scare me! If you don't shut up, you're gonna be the ghost with TWO black eyes!"

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