The Ghost of Billy Martinez

by Mia A.

One stormy night a man had drove his car near San Fernando Valley Los Angeles, California at 3:00 June 17 in the morning. It was raining really hard that morning so he couldn't see a thing. Finally he stopped at the stop sign and saw this boy with a red and white stripped shirt holding a soccer ball out in the rain.

The man was scared the kid might get lost so he offer him a ride to take him home up at Glendale. When the boy got in he was shivering cold. The man turned on his heater but the boy was still cold. The man asked him for his name. The boy answered in a shivering voice Billy Martinez.

Billy put his soccer ball on the ground and stared hard outside. Finally they arrived near Billy's house just up the hill. The man told him he had no umbrella so he told him he'll lend him his sweater and get it back tomorrow. Billy thanked him and ran up the hill.

The man was shocked that he thought Billy just ran through the door and decided it was a trick in his eyes. He noticed Billy left his soccer ball and decided to give it to him tomorrow while he pick up his sweater.

The next morning he went up the hill to go to Billy's house to pick up his sweater and return the ball. A woman answered the door. He asked for Billy Martinez. The woman was shock with fear that tears began bursting out of her. She told him that Billy had died last year on June 17, 2000 right in San Fernando Valley.

The man was so confused and shocked he began telling her about him taking Billy home,lending his sweater to him,and about Billy forgetting his soccer ball in his car. The woman was scared and confused and, asked where did you get that ball? with a fright full voice. She told the man that Billy was dead over a year ago and buried him in the cemetery near San Fernando valley. Then She slammed the doors with tears in her eyes.

The man went to the San Fernando Cemetery and got help to find the death record of Billy Martinez. As soon he found the record he found the grave of Billy near a tree. There he read aloud the tomb stone.

Billy Martinez:Born January 17, 1988 - June 17, 2000

and there in front of the tomb the man found his jacket right in front of Billy's grave.

Readers beware. this boy Billy Martinez is a real person if you do dare go to California at his death anniversary in June 17 3:00 near a bench at San Fernando Valley L.A. near cemetery. There you'll see his death place, grave and ghost.

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