The Game

by Sophii
(West Midlands, England.)

Emma was on holiday in Florida, she was wealthy and so was staying in a 5-star-hotel. Her hotel room was glamorous, with a plasma TV built into the wall.

She sat down on the soft cushioned sofa and turned the telly on. This is the life she thought, but soon she would find out it most definitely wasn't.

The telly came on and it was on the itv 3 channel, the news. She carried on watching, a man was broadcasting, he said "Do you want to play the game Emma?" "what game?" she replied. "This one and let it begin."

Water began to rise in her hotel room, the TV man said "get the key and unlock the door in time otherwise you will drown." Emma thought to herself, her hotel room door was open and she left it like that for the workers to bring her luggage up, then the door slammed and by itself, locked.

She obediently ran to the kitchen of her hotel room, where she had left her keys, she fiddled round to get the right key, by this time the room was half full of water and rising fast, she dove underwater to unlock the door, the door opened with a twist of the key and she clambered out.

She ran downstairs to reception and with her sodden, wet clothes she told the receptionist everything that had happened, he didn't believe her, in fact he just laughed, "that's impossible" he said, "well it's not, it happened to me!" she replied. The conversation was then interrupted by a phone call at the reception desk. The receptionist answered the phone and said to Emma, "it's for you."

"Thanks" she said, thinking it was her parents checking whether she had got to the hotel safely, as Emma had given her parents the hotel phone number in case her own phone battery ran out, which it did. "Hello" Emma said. "Hello Emma" he replied. "who are you?" she said as she knew it wasn't her mother or father's voice. "I am the man" He answered.

She paused, about to answer but he spoke first. "Did you enjoy the game?" he said. She dropped the phone and froze, he knew where and who she was... he was sort of stalking her... but what if next time he doesn't contact her through TV or phone, what if he comes to her in person... yet with more deadly games...

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