The Friendly Dragon

by Bonnie Wright

Does a dragon scare you?

Does a dragon scare you?

One evening Paul and I were walking home from the shops. As we turned the corner we stopped and froze. Standing in front of us blocking the road was an enormous fierce looking dragon.

We stood panic stricken, horrified at the sight of this unusual looking pale blue creature. It stared at us with coal black eyes, its yellow fangs ready for dinner and its long pus coloured nails gripping the solid tarmac tightly.

In a split second the dragon bounded towards us as its great black wings flapped furiously. We screamed in unison and ran as fast as our legs could carry us, the dragon only meters behind.

With my stomach churning, I turned down an old alleyway. The dragon swooped towards me trapping me against an old run down wall. The overwhelming realisation that I was going to die hit me like a meteor. I curled into a tight ball quietly sobbing.

The creature spoke "Don't cry, I mean no harm". At the gentle hiss of her voice I froze. I thought to myself, dragons can't speak! "Please speak to me" she said. I raised my head cautiously. The dragon nuzzled my arm, raising my confidence. I raised a trembling hand and touched one of her freezing scales. After a while she explained how she was able to talk to me.

It turned out that an evil witch had turned her from a human to a dragon and only the friendship of another human would turn her back into her original human form. She looked so sad and lonely that I reached across and patted her bony back once again. I told her that I would try to help her and she was overjoyed.

Over the next few days, Misty (for that was her name) became a great friend of mine. On the seventh day of our friendship an extraordinary thing happened. Misty disappeared completely!

I cried all night long for my lost friend. At school the next day, Mr O'Connor the Class Teacher announced that a new girl was starting in our class. In came a girl dressed in blue with a cheeky grin. I recognised her immediately. It was my friend Misty!

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