The Freaky Toothbrush

by Jessica V.
(Sydney, Australia, New south wales)

She opens the door, hears a terrible crunching sound coming from her bedroom and walks to the kitchen, finds her Mother eating cereal.

"Jennifer! GO GET DRESSED NOW!!!!" Her Mother screamed at her "Yes, Mother. I Will get dressed Mother and make your bed Mother" she said in fright, mumbling the words. Jennifer always had to do what her mother commanded her to do. JENNIFER, DO THIS, JENNIFER , DO THAT! bossing her around all the time! Jennifer's room was very tiny, her room was next-door to the room that had the washing machine and the basement.

Every night she would wake up from all the noise going on. Her mothers room was on the other side of the house, a BIG WARM room with a massive bed just for her.

As Jennifer was getting dressed her Mother yelled "JENNIFER!!!!!!!!! , JENNIFER!!!!!!!!!" Jennifer bolted downstairs to see what her mother wanted her to do this time. "JENNIFER! GET THE NEWSPAPER FROM OUTSIDE NOW!" she commanded. "Yes Mother, Whatever you say Mother". She ran outside in the cold wind and ran outside to bring her Mother the newspaper. she grabbed the newspaper, but next to the newspaper was a tiny cardboard box with Red writing "DO NOT OPEN! FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY" of course Jennifer wanted to. she stuffed it in her right pocket. Ran inside, gave her Mother the newspaper "GIVE ME THAT NOW!" she snatched out of Jennifer's hands.

She quickly ran into her room locked the door, closed the window blinds, and opened it as quickly as she could! it was a TOOTHBRUSH? she thought to herself "A TOOTHBRUSH, WHAT IS NOT SAFE ABOUT A TOOTHBRUSH?!" A piece of paper was at the bottom of the box "BRUSH-IES ZOOM, BRUSH-IES SWOOM,TURN THIS LADY INTO A BROOM" She read out loud.

Her mother was about to yell out her name "J-" Jennifer thought, "that was weird" she went downstairs, where was her mother? "MOTHER?, MOTHER?" she said curiously. There was a broom on the floor with a note. "DISHY, DISHY, TURN INTO A FISHY!" she read out loud. She heard glass drop from the basement. She ran to the basement and saw a fish, sqwerming around on the floor with glass broken on the floor. "IS THIS A JOKE MOTHER? STOP IT RIGHT NOW!" no answer..


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