The Fog In The Bathroom

by Grace
(Sydney, New South Wales, Australia)

I felt something cold in bed one night but there was nothing there but my blankets. I felt it again then I heard a moan coming from the bathroom. I ran into the bathroom and saw a fog. I almost fainted when I saw the fog moan. I ran into my parent's room. I woke them up to tell them what happened.

I brought them to the bathroom but the fog wasn't there. I was so confused. I felt a chill running down my back. My parents didn't believe me so they went back to their room. I saw the fog appear again.

I ran to my bedroom quickly but the fog was following me. I hid inside my blankets so the fog couldn't touch me. I didn't here a moan any more. I shoved the blankets off me. The fog was not in my room. I went back to sleep.

I could still here the moan everywhere when I'm all alone by myself. It was the scariest moment of my life.

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