The fog at the riverside

by Kay

Like the face of man on the moon

Like the face of man on the moon

It was a night like any other night, peaceful and quiet until you add the party crashers and crazy traffic. A man was walking home it was along the road next to the river. He noticed the water ripple, nothing had fallen in as he watched the water ripple again. He tried to ignore it "must be flies" he thought.

A thick fog had grown over the river. The man stared deep into it and he swore he saw a lantern, a bright yellow light in the thick smoky fog. He walked on, he herd a faint sound it was as if someone was singing, "Come to me, my pretty one, I have a surprise for you, come to me and I'll show you how to have a good time" the voice was the most beautiful sound he had ever heard in his whole life.

Suddenly, he was being dragged into the river, he didn't even try to resist, he let this force drag him in. He started to swim near to the lantern but the lantern kept getting further and further away. He was eventually right in the middle of the river. The water had began to get thick around his ankles. The fog kept close, then suddenly BANG. From the bridge you could hear the crunching of bones and the tearing of flesh.

The next morning they found his body. It was not a pleasant sight, but if you ever walk by a foggy river, don't listen to the singing.

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