The Floating Body

by Dylan

The rain battered against the windows of Terry's cottage. She lived in a small town called Wooler about 200 years ago when there was only horse drawn carts and things like that. She lived with her father in a valley near a fast flowing stream.

The rain began to pound onto the windows and it sounded the same as someone pounding on the door. Terry was afraid because her father had gone out 2 hours ago to walk into the town and collect their new horse for their farm. Then as she lay in her bed trying to block out the sound of the rain she thought she heard a knocking on the door.

"No it's only the rain" she whispered to herself. But she heard it again a loud BOOM,BOOM in rytham with the rain. She pulled herself out of bed half asleep and walked to the door! Then cautiously she opened the door. The shadow that loomed above her was the Mayor of the village.

"Hello my love, I've come to tell you that your basment's flooded and your father's new horse has been found dead in a river". He sighed unfaithfully and then walked to his carriage and drove away leaving Terry half crying and alone at the door.

Terry went back into the house and went to the steps to the basement. The dark muddy water was half way up the stairs and that means the basement must be under water.

"My puppy", she exclaimed as she remembered she left it chained to a door in the basement. She plunded into the stagnant water and as she entered the flooded basement she felt something furry against her leg. She began to cry but her sadness was overcame by fear when she saw a body floating.

She swam over and draggeged the body back to the landing. She couldn't see who it was as it was covered in filthy water and its face was scarred. But who else would it be down here.

She put a warm blanket over the body who had begun breathing, then there was a face at the window. It was bloody and torn with mud all over it. She looked back at the body and back at the window and the face had gone!

Then there was more pounding at the door and again she opened it to find it was the Mayor.

"Lassie, I just came to tell you that there has been a prison break and don't let anyone into your house", and he left before Terry could tell him about the body. Then when she turned around the body had gone. Then a strong arm gripped Terry round her mouth.

"Now you just stay quiet and I'll slit your throat when I'm done with you, but if you're not, I will do something terrible to you right away. Now let's go and see if that troubelsome Mayor is hanging around the courtyard."

He marched Terry outside holding a knife to her neck. Just as they got outside a figure dove on the convict and a brawl began on the floor until one of the men plunged a knife into the other man's chest. Then one man stood up covered in blood. It was Terry's father. He took her inside and made her some soup and then he said he was going to check the animals and left Terry to got to sleep.

When she awoke the next morning she looked for her father but then the Mayor burst into the house looking sad.

"Terry I'm sorry but your father was found dead last night"

"That's impossible he was here at midnight he saved me!"

"That not true he died at nine o'clock ..."

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