The Fish

by Riley
(Northfield, Vt)

There once was a boy named Aaron. Aaron loved to fish. He even fished on Sundays. Then one day the priest told Aaron that if you keep fishing on Sundays, your gonna die from one of those fish.

Aaron ate every fish he had caught on Sundays, but he felt fine. Then one Sunday afternoon Aaron was just about to leave the lake, but then Aaron had something on his fishing rod. It felt like a huge fish. As he pulled it out of the water, he was startled at what he saw. The fish had the head of a turtle, body of a duck, and the tail of a fish.

Aaron ran off, but the fish said "Take me home Aaron." Aaron couldn't resist. So he took the fish home. Then the fish said "cook me and eat me." So he cooked the fish and he ate it. Then all of a sudden his gut got bigger and bigger.

His gut was as big as a giant pumpkin. Then the fish burst out of his stomach and said, "catch fish on sunday and see what catches you." The fish was never seen again and Aaron was laid to rest on the hill where he used to fish.

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