The Ferris Wheel

by Sophie
(Ohio, U.S.A.)

“Finally, it’s our turn,” said Mariah. She and Olivia had been waiting in line for hours. They were waiting to board the newest ride at the amusement park.

It was a Ferris wheel. Ferris wheels are terrifying to begin with, but this Ferris wheel was huge. It was located inside a pitch-black building. You couldn’t even see your own hand in front of you, if you held it up to your face. But that wouldn’t be a smart thing to do anyway. The ride moved so fast it would rip the skin off your hand if you even attempted it.

Mariah and Olivia took their seats. “You get to go ten times around,” the ride operator told them. They barely had time to buckle up before he pushed the bar on their laps and started the ride.

Mariah squeezed her eyes shut as the wind whipped through her hair and blew against her face. She was so terrified she couldn’t breathe. The pressure was pushing Mariah into her seat.
Next to her, Olivia was screaming bloody murder. Even when the ride paused momentarily to let new passengers on, Olivia screamed. Mariah assumed she was screaming because the Ferris wheel was so high up. She wanted to scream herself, but couldn’t; the pressure was so great her mouth stayed clamped shut the whole ride.

Throughout the eighth round, Olivia’s screaming died down, and abruptly stopped during the ninth round.

At the end of the ride, Mariah was dizzy. As they were lowered to the ground, she grabbed onto Olivia’s shoulder, attempting to steady herself. But she felt something warm and wet dripping onto her hand.

Her eyes finally adjusted to the darkness. She looked at her friend and screamed. Her clothes were torn, and her neck was slit. Carved across Olivia’s face were the words “You’re next.”

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