The Fear of Going Home

by Cory M.
(Lost Creek West Virginia)

One cool fall evening, a group of friends was driving home from a high school football game when one friend said “what’s in the road?” The driver then said "I don’t know". As they came up on the object they realized it was a little girl. They all looked at each other then back at the girl and she was gone.

They got out and looked around and could find nothing. They got back in the vehicle and continued down the road. When they reached the party they were going to they told their story and everyone thought they were crazy so they started to believe it was their imagination.

Later that evening, after the party, they all went to one friend's house and went straight to the bed room for bed. They all passed out either in the bed or on the floor. A loud sound woke them in the middle of the night; it was the little girl from the road with a big man behind her. The one boy said “dad?” They heard no response and the man began to enter, leaving the girl in the doorway. They then began to yell for help and turned on the lights. The man and girl vanished into thin air.

They were all freaked out and then the one boy's dad entered the room asking what the yelling was about. The boys again told their story and the dad believed them. He said the same thing happened to him not a few months ago. But, the man told him he would get to him threw his family. He was terrified this would happen so he stayed in the boys’ room the rest of the night.

A week went by and the next friend night the same events happened. This went on for three weeks until finally the boys decided they would go to their own homes after the party. The next morning three of the four friends met at the park to talk about anything that might have happened. They all wondered where the fourth friend had been, so they headed for his house. When they approached the porch they realized the door was slightly open. They agreed to enter. When they started down the hallway they realized his door was open and there was a pool of liquid. As the got closer they saw that it was blood!

They entered his room to see him laying on his bed cut into pieces. They backed out slowly and checked his sister's and parents’ room and the same results, then they realized his dad was missing. They headed for the basement, and when they reached the bottom and turned for the rec room, the saw a man with his back toward them, beating someone. The man turned when he saw the boys. He pulled out a knife and sliced the man's throat, then rushed for the group of boys. They all avoided him and he ran threw the door without opening it.

When they looked at the door, there was not even a scratch, let alone a broken door. They went back to the rec room and saw the father sitting in the chair bleeding out from the neck. One friend then called 911. When the cops and EMS got there they told their story just as they had many times before.

The cops believed the boys, for the story has been told for many years. The house had one other occupant who heard the story and soon found a new home. Today that house stands empty for no one even dares to enter it because they know there will be a man with his daughter sitting at the kitchen table waiting for the next family to try and take his childhood home.

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