The fallen

by Kimberly
(Cape Town)

The fog draped over the disturbed ground, winding up the trees as if they had known each other in a past life. The wind was whispering, almost shrieking, as if to warn me to run. Why could I not? I know this feeling of despair, this hair raising fear. ‘’Not again, please not again.’’ They came back. I can almost see them now, smell them. I can feel their life draining presence feeding on my soul, tugging at my very being.

I was frozen as if time had stopped…

‘’Gabriel! Gabriel where are you?’’ I saw him run this way. I feel his presence pulling on me like a child does to the entity who bore it. He is close by. ’’Why won’t you answer me?’’ Did they get to him? Can he see them too? Their abstractly shaped figures flying, no, almost floating overhead. He must see them. He must see my shivering, terrified reaction to them. I know I have learned to almost ignore them to appear normal. But he is different to the others who fall for it. He seems to understand.

That musky, bitter nauseating smell was enough to intoxicate and poison an innocent soul. Not mine though. I have always had the unthinkable notion that I was one of these platonic ideas in a past life, haunting other past life dwellers, the other shadows.

Their drowning, unearthly hum is enough to block out any sound, any earthly sound that is. But he is different, he counteracts almost every aspect of the fowl insubstantial ideas that I have come to learn. Footsteps! ‘’That must be you Gabriel!’’

I ran, I ran as fast as my legs could carry this unworthy soul. Over abstract shaped rocks draped with sea green moss, under the oak tree branches which seemed to grab after me with their skeleton thin hands, until I saw him. ‘’Gabriel! Gabriel stop!’’ I ran closer, my chest pounding, my lungs contracted into a sharp stabbing stitch, my legs weak to the core. None of this matters, only he matters. As I got closer, I was taken over by a soul crushing grip of despair. ‘’Gabriel! What the hell! You just descended from those unearthly shadows! You are one of them!’’ I ran, for my life, for my freedom, for my heart, soul and mind.

I ran.

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