The Face In The Mirror

by Sarah

One night I wasn’t feeling very good and I just couldn’t get to sleep. I think the reason that I couldn’t get to sleep was because I had watched two Michael Myers movies. Anyway, my mouth was dry so I went to go get some orange juice. I ended up spilling it and there were no towels left under the sink. I had to go up to the bathroom to get one.

When I got to the bathroom I didn’t turn the lights on because my mother's room was right across the hall and I didn’t want to wake her up. The towels were behind the mirror so I opened it up to grab a towel and as I grabbed it I could have sworn I heard a cat meow! We didn’t own any cats so I just ignored it.

When I closed the mirror I saw a little girl about maybe five or six holding a cat standing behind me! When I blinked I realized that she had disappeared. I thought that I might have been a little sleepy and seeing things so I just ignored it.

My cousin was spending the night and I accidentally woke him up when I walked into the room. He saw that I had orange juice and asked if he could go get himself some and of course I said yes. I forgot to bring some towels down to the kitchen so I asked him to bring some down quickly. When he left the room I turned the T.V. on and as I was flipping through the channels I heard my cousin scream. My mom was already in the bathroom by the time I got there and I saw my cousin on the floor saying that he saw the girl and a cat just like I did!

It happened the next week too. Then it started happening once a month, and then, eventually, it stopped and we forgot all about it. The thing is, I wonder who that girl was and why only my cousin and I saw her? Now that I have moved I will never find out. If you are experiencing this, you might be living in my old house.

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