The Everlasting Gift

by Theodore Feldman
(Brooklyn, NY USA)

The box of the Hydrogen Rocket...

The box of the Hydrogen Rocket...

“Oh boy, I wonder what I’m getting tonight as a holiday gift?” I say. My parents handed me the big wrapped up present. I tore the wrapping off and read the box; Estes Hydrogen Rocket! “Thanks mom and dad, thank you so much!!!” I shouted.

My eyes were widening, “Uses just water as fuel!” it said on the box. “Wow, it only uses water to launch the rocket?” I thought to myself. I read along with my heart pounding, “It goes 10 stories high!” Then, my mouth dropped down making it turn dry. “It really goes 10 stories high? That must be hundreds of feet in the air!” I screamed. Inside the box is; the Pre-built Rocket, a Launch Pad, a Fuel Generator with an Ignition Chamber, and a Remote Control Ignition Button.

The very next day was Saturday. My father and I woke up early to go to the park. When we arrived at the park, we went to the middle of a big field. We unloaded what was in the box and set it onto the grass. I took the cold bottle of brown gooey looking fuel out of the box. I poured it into the Fuel Generator and flicked the “on” switch. Suddenly, the fuel turned from brown water to vapory, bubbly fuel!!!! Since the process takes a while, we were smart and brought a football.

We used the football until the rocket was ready. After about 5 minutes, the Launch Pad started to beep. Indicating that the rocket was ready! My heart started pounding; I grabbed my launch button and walked backward a little. “Ok, now grab hold and don’t let go.” My dad said nervously. Squeezing the control, I pushed down on the red button and watched the Launch Pad!

“POP!” The rocket shot off the launch pad and into the air. Up, up, up it went. “DAD, DAD, look how high it’s going!” I shouted. I rub my eyes for a split second and then I hear a, “Plunk!!” I look and there it is again lying on the ground once more. I walked over to my dad and gave him a big hug. “You did a great job Theo, excellent work.” My dad said softly. “Thanks. What a success…” I replied. It took a while but we managed to launch the rocket 9 times!!!

We had many different people talk about and watch our rocket. We went home and my father and I told my mother all about our adventure. If I were to get another rocket, I would launch it over and over again just like I did that day!

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