The Engagement Ring

by Marie
(United States)

One day a young man named Seth went to a jewelry store to buy his girlfriend, Leslie, an engagement ring. The salesman came up to him and asked, "Can I help you?" Seth told him what he was looking for, and the salesman showed him the engagement rings.

Seth didn't really see anything that popped out at him. "Do you have anything else?" Seth asked. The salesman had a weird look in his eye that kind of looked like fear, but Seth ignored it. "Right this way." The salesman ushered Seth to the back, it was full of boxes caked in dust. "These are antiques," the salesman said. After about 30 minutes of looking through the boxes Seth found the perfect one. He showed the salesman and the salesman warned Seth that only bad would come of it and that it had been returned numerous times regretfully, but once again Seth ignored him.

The reason the salesman tried to warn him was because of the history of it bringing tragedy because of a typo many years ago. It said, "1134." But poor Seth didn't see the words that would change him forever.

The next day he proposed to Leslie and she said yes. The wedding was in two months. The wedding would take place on November 11 at 11:25.

It was the day of the wedding and everyone was in their positions, the wedding march sounded and the crowd looked towards the end of the makeshift aisle in a ballroom. Eight minutes passed and Seth went to find Leslie. She was nowhere to be found.

Seth went home two minutes later, heartbroken. Leslie had left him at the aisle. He walked up his stairs to his room and opened the door. He covered his mouth in horror with tears slowly running down his cheeks, because there, before him, was Leslie in her wedding dress covered in blood. And on the wall, in her blood, was written 1134 which he realized spelled out Hell. Leslie's ring was on the floor perfectly clean.

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