The End

by Jenavie S
(Corpus Christi, Texas)

Me And My Dad

Me And My Dad

Hiding Under My Bed I Felt As If It Was All Over, Like My Life Had No Meaning. I Wanted To Scream, Just To Unleash This Big Pain In My Chest, What Is Going On? Why Is He In My House? This Man I Dont Even Know Is Walking Around My House Looking For Something As If He Knew Where It Was At.

Please Please just Go Away! That was all i could think about. maybe if i were to let him kill me it would be better, i began to think more, but what happens after death? Oh Geez what do i do?

BANG!BANG!BANG! WHAT THE HECK WAS THAT NOISE! I Couldnt Breathe. What Was That? I Wanted to Run,
I Felt Footsteps Walking Towards Me Faster Harder I Wanted To Kill Him I Couldnt I Wanted To Give Up. He Dropped To The Floor And Saw Me! HE SAW ME! He Reached In And Grabbed My Leg i tried to kick him but i kept missing him, he Dragged me out kicking and screaming.

He Looked at me and smiled, he called me beautiful and told me not to make a noise, that i wouldn't want to wake the dead. I Told him to go, And just to leave and i would't call the police, i think he could tell i was lying. he pulled out a knife and pressed it against my shoulder and dragged it down so slowly, the painful ache comming from the tearing and ripping of my flesh made me scream, he laughed and asked me to it again.

He Grabbed Me Tighter And Pushed The Knife In Deeper I Screamed at the top of my Lungs And Started To Cry. I Heard Footsteps So I Screamed Louder, This Man Didn't Hear The Footsteps. I Saw My Dad Walk In The Room Draging His Leg Behind Him, he Pulled Out A Gun And Shot The Man Who Caused Me So Much Pain 3 Times In The Back Head And Leg. I Ran To My Dad And Grabbed Him I Didnt Want To Stop Hugging Him, He Asked Me To Call The Ambulance, I Smiled And Said I Love You Dad.

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