The Elevator

by Karra.j.m.Harris

Amanda Robingson and her parents had just moved into there new house. Amanda decided she wanted the room at the very end of the hallway.

That room had a old elevater in it the type you pull on a string to go down. So her parents let her have it.

That night as Amanda was getting ready for bed her door opend and her mom came in. She asked Amanda if she liked the house Amanda said it was great. Her mother smiled kissed her on the top of her head and walked out of her room.

Later that night Amanda woke up and was startled by the fact that the elevator door was open. She got out of bed and walked over to it. She was about to step into it when she saw there was no bottem to the elevator. So she decided it would be better to wait and let her parents check it first to make sure it was safe. So she just got back into her bed and closed her eyes.

The next morning while her and her parents were eating breakfest she told them about the elevator. Her dad said he would check it. So after breakfest her dad went upstairs and into Amandas room. Later while Amanda was outside her dad came out and told her that there was nothing wrong with the elevator and that last night she was probably to tired to tell.

That night once again when Amanda was getting ready for bed her mother came in and kissed her goodnight. Again that night Amanda woke up this time though not only was the elevator door open there was a light on to. Amanda decided this time she would go into it. The only problem was the elevator still looked like it had no bottem but because her dad had checked the elevator it must be okay RIGHT. WRONG!

You see when Amandas dad went to check the elvator the door had been sealed shut. So her dad just asumed that Amanda was playing a joke and decided to humer her by telling her the elevator was fine. So when Amanda steped into the elevator she began to fall into a bottomless pit of nothing and the elevator doors sealed shut FOREVER. The moral to this story: If you see it you better belive it.

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