The elephant and the mosquito

by Kawya
(Colombo Srilanka)

There was an elephant and a mosquito who were very great friends. The elephant always use to visit mosquito's house every Friday for sleepovers.

One day the elephant said "dear mosquito, every Friday I sleep in your house. Please come and sleep in my house this Friday."

Thus on Friday when the mosquito arrived at the elephant's house, he was warmly welcomed by the elephant's wife. They had a wonderful dinner and when it came time to sleep there were only two beds, so the elephant and the mosquito slept in one bed, and elephant's wife slept in the other.

In the morning a very sad thing happenned! Yes you are right. The mosquito is dead. The cause for the death... Guess it.

Maybe you are right.

The cause is that the elephant's wife has accidently lit a mosquito killer coil.

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