The Dragon's Den

by Taylor
(United Kingdom)

If only I hadn't listened to my friends, if only I hadn't lied to my mum, if only I had brought a torch, then, I wouldn't be here, alone in the dark, dark woods.

I ran for shelter in the torrential rain, as I did so I found a large, stony crystal cave. I could see big, jet-black bats, I spied out huge, hairy tarantulas and their silver, sparkling webs. I could hear bats screeching ferociously at the unwanted visitor in their territory. I could hear the moans of a lonely child as it slowly crawled through the long, dank cave. I could smell decomposing bat droppings as well as old, rotten food. Just then a small, lonely voice came closer, closer, closer...

Just then I spun around. Only to lay my eyes upon a thin, bony child which had been lost on a cave exploration outing, I could tell because the printing said " cave explorers " on it. The child's eyes were a deep, sapphire blue but they seemed empty. The child's arms and legs were slender and pencil-like. Most of the child's hair had fallen out but what was left was a dark, dry brown patch. The child's teeth were black, holey and rotted. On the childs suit the name "Larry" was clearly visible. Just then Larry started crying, at the same time I felt a hot breath on the back of my neck...

Yet again I turned, this time angrily, then I stopped feeling angry and started feeling scared, as before me a horrible, scaly dragon let out a deafening, tremendous roar. Just then I sprinted deeper into the cave, a split second later Larry followed. By the time we were twenty metres away the dragon let out another roar, this time even louder, then he gave chase. We sprinted even faster away as the dragon waddled towards us. However, he was too fast, it was hopeless. The dragon threw me in a cage, "he must have forgotten about Larry" I thought. I stared at a rock, thinking hard for ideas. Then a head popped out from the side of the rock. Was that Larry?

It was Larry! I shouted "Larry get the keys, the dragon's gone"! However, Larry just stood there, so, I said it again, this time more enthusiastically. Then Larry sprinted for the keys and grabbed them, then he spun around drastically and ran towards my cage. I took the keys off Larry and opened the cage, just then the dragon ( who had been sleeping ) woke up. Larry and I sprinted off in the direction of which way we thought was out. It actually was a rockfall! There was light beaming through the holes in the wall. "This is a thin layer of rocks" I thought.

"Thats it!" I thought something heavy and large ( dragon's skull ) can break thin rocks, so, I shouted and bellowed " come get us! " Just then the dragon ran toward us, a split second before he hit us I shouted "JUMP!" We leaped high into the air before landing softly onto the unconscious dragon. His skull had broken the wall down, so I stepped out with Larry into the sunshine ( it had stopped raining ). Larry and I felt sweaty and exausted, however I was ecstatic to be free.

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