The Door

by Bob Smith

The man walked into the hotel and up to the check in desk. It was a small hotel, but he only needed to stay for a few nights, until his wife arrived. Although small, it seemed to be nice and cozy. This wouldn’t be a bad stay.

The check in went surprisingly simple. The woman didn’t hassle him for all the detailed information, just the basic stuff. He was about to leave for his room (after she told him the directions) when she called him back. “On the way to your room, there’s an unmarked door. I would advise you not to take a peek in there.” He found these instructions odd, but said that he wouldn’t look in.
On the way to his room, he did as he said and walked right past the door. There seemed to be nothing wrong, except for the fact that there was no number. The room, it turned out, was very comfortable and relaxing. After watching some television, he got ready for bed. The bed was quite comfortable, but he couldn’t fall asleep. The man just couldn’t stop thinking about the door. After an hour or so, his curiosity got the better of him. He got dressed, checked to make sure that nobody was watching, and walked out into the hall.
He went up to the door and attempted to open it, but it was locked. So, he looked through the keyhole and saw a room that was decorated just like his. He saw nothing unusual, except a woman who was standing with her back to the door. Odd, he thought. It was the middle of the night and they were in the country. There was nothing to see. Also, her skin was ghost white, even though it was the middle of summer. He decided that it was time to go back to the room. The man was on the verge of knocking on the door but decided not to.
The next day was beautiful. He walked all around the hotel looking for a sign of the woman, but found her nowhere. He even went into town to look around, but he couldn’t find her anywhere. He decided to relax in the room for the rest of the day. He would be leaving tomorrow.
That night, he couldn’t stop thinking about the woman, so he went to look through the keyhole again. As he looked, he saw nothing but redness. The woman must have wanted her privacy, and plugged the door with something. Deciding that there was no chance of seeing her, he went back to the room and fell asleep.
As he was checking out the following morning, he couldn’t stop himself. He told the woman that he looked through the keyhole, but didn’t tell her about what he saw. “Oh well,” she said. “You might as well know now that you’re leaving. A long time ago, a woman and her husband checked into that room. That night, he murdered her. Legend has it that if anyone knocks on her door, she kills them. She was an odd looking woman,” she added.” “Her skin was as white as paper, but her eyes were blood red.

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