The door

by Gennie Chambers
(Woodward OK )

A few year ago my Aunt knew this guy at work whose girlfriend and two sons needed a place to live so my Aunt being the person she was offered the lady and her sons to live with her . A few months after they lived in the home the oldest son came up missing.

After looking for him, but never finding him, his mom was charged with his murder. My Aunt could no longer live in the house but because it was my Grandpa's house for over 50 yrs she did not want to lose the house so she asked me to move in and take over the payments so myself my husband two cousins and another friend with her 10 year old son moved in.

Yes, it was a big house. So we lived there maybe a month when things started to happen like TV's coming on, tiolets flushing. One night we were all sitting around the kitchen table chatting, and playing games, and having fun. When it got cold we all just got very silent. Then my bedroom door opened. It had been closed as this is an old house so the doors are hard oak wood. It's not easy to just push one open. So we all looked down the hall towards my door. And my cousin said to me "okay we're fine as long as it does not shut."

I thought it was funny and no big deal when all of a sudden the door slams shut really hard and my puppy started barking like crazy at the wall next to us or we thought she was looking at the wall. I now belive it was somthing else because our lights started to dim and then we heard this loud noise like a cat yelling in my room. My husband being as brave as he is went into our room and as he opened the door the mirror on our dresser burst and busted all over the floor.

To this day I do not know what was really doing those things but there were many more times after that day that scared the crap outta me and we have since then all moved out of the house and sold it. My Aunt actually had psychics come in and check the house. However I do not believe it was the little missing boy. I think there is an evil in that house I was happy to be away from it.

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