The Doll

by Zarsa

There was a girl who had a precious glass doll collection. One day, her mom took her to the store. She saw the most beautiful doll. It had skin of white, and was smooth and cool. The lips were painted into a thin, pink smile, and the eyes were crystal blue.

It wore a pink silk dress and the golden hair was curly and shiny. The girl wanted it. She persuaded her mom to get it for her, and when she went to the counter to pay, the cashier frowned. "You don't want that doll," he said. "Yes, I do," the girl said. "Okay, just be very careful with it, all right?" the cashier sighed. "Have fun with your doll."

Well, the girl went home, and she played with the doll all day long. Finally, it was time to sleep. She placed the doll at the bottom of the stairs. She went off to bed, snuggled under her pink silk sheets, and began to drift off to sleep. She suddenly heard heavy footsteps on the stairs. "I'm on the first step," said a raspy, cold voice. The girl tried to pass it off as her mind.

She curled up in a ball and tried to go back to sleep. "I'm on the fourth step," the same evil voice said. She began to panic. A bit later, the same voice said, "I'm on the eighth step."

Finally, the voice said, "I'm in the hallway!" She got up, walked to the hallway, and saw the same doll she bought that very day. Trying to sneak up behind it, the doll stepped in front of her; she tripped, fell down the stairs, and broke her neck.

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